Association of Health Professions Educationists of Nepal(AHPEN)

Association of Health Professions Educationists of Nepal has been officially registered on 14th December 2015 with the aim of bringing together the health professions educationists of Nepal in order to contribute collectively for betterment of Health professions status in Nepal. AHPEN has been bearing a responsibility as the national body of Health Professions Educationists of Nepal and it has been collaborating with international organizations in the field of Health professions education like SEARAME (South East Asia Regional Association for Medical Education).

Objectives of AHPEN

The objectives of AHPEN are:
1. To achieve quality health professions education in Nepal through recent development, studies and research on global health professions education to make it at par with the world standards

2. To assist capacity building among health professions educationists working in various parts of the country and develop networking among them.

3. To publish educational and research materials for improving quality of health professions education and also disseminate health professions related the educational materials.

4. To conduct various training workshop and seminars in order to upgrade professional and educational standards

5. To coordinate and collaborate among national and international organizations working in the field of health professions education.

6. To serve the nation by conducting various educational activities to improve health and educational status at par with the contemporary development in science and technology.

7. To conduct national as well as international conference on health professions education with collaboration of various medical institutions across the country and South East Asia Regional Association for Medical Education (SEARAME)